1970 ~ Began Surfing ​in Daytona Beach, Fl.

1983 ~ E.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

 1994 ~ Began the first surf camp in North Florida, 3rd camp ever in the state of Florida

1996 ~ Contest Director for Bubble Gum Surf Contest which ran for 10 awesome years

 1999 ~ E.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

​1999 ~ E.S.A. South East Regional Champion

1999 ~ Voted E.S.A. All-Star of the Year!

2001 ~ E.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

2006 ~ Began the Gnarly Charley Grom Surf Series in North Florida

2008  N.S.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

2010  N.S.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

2011  N.S.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

2013  N.S.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

2013  E.S.A. South East Regional Champion

2014  N.S.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

2015  N.S.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

2016  E.S.A. South East Regional Champion

2018  N.S.S.A East Coast Surfing Champion

2019  N.S.S.A East Coast Surfing Champion

2019  E.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

2020 N.S.S.A East Coast Surfing Champion

2020 E.S.A East Coast Surfing Champion

2021 N.S.S.A. East Coast Surfing Champion

​2022 N.S.S.A East Coast Surfing Champion

2023 N.S.S.A East Coast Surfing Champion

Charley Hajek has taken on a huge challenge to teach GROMS at a very young age how to surf competitions. 


​​"I want to help GROMS out in contests so that when they surf E.S.A eastern surfing association or N.S.S.A., National Scholastic Surfing Association, or any other contest, they will have the confidence to do well. A lot of GROMS surf in their first contest and get blown out because of this situation. The surf series gives GROMS a chance to build their self esteem, increase confidence, gain respect, improve athletic ability, and most importantly make new friends".


        Hajek teaches GROMS all the do's and don'ts and how to succeed in advancing to the next heat in a contest. The Gnarly Charley Surf Series also focuses on helping GROMS to understand that it is important to be surfing for the fun as well as good sportsmanship. 


         Charley's main objective is to groom the GROMS to be excellent competitors, as well as to become well-rounded individuals. "I feel that it is important for GROMS to associate with good role models and as many positive outlets as possible. This will help keep the GROMS off the streets and out of trouble. You can't get into any trouble in the ocean!"


​  "I started surfing in 1970 in Daytona Beach, Fl. I moved to Jacksonville Beach as soon as I got out of high school in 1980. I worked at Aqua East Surf Shop and Sunrise Surf Shop up in Jax and learned a lot about the surfing industry through these shops. There I started a super killer amateur career in surfing. I won the East Coast Surfing championships in 1983 in the men's division and was on the E.S.A. All- Star team. I also started doing some traveling, surfing contests all over the world.

   In 1994, I started the first surf camp in north Florida. It was the 3rd camp ever in the state of Florida. In 1996, I started running the Bubble Gum Surf Contest. It ran for ten
crazy years. In 1999, I helped coach the U.S. surf team and that same year I was voted all-star of the year.

  In 2004, I started the Gnarly Charley Grom Surf Series in Jacksonville Beach, then moved to New Smyrna Beach. This series has been growing bigger and bigger every year! I still currently compete in the N.S.S.A and the E.S.A.  I have won 12 titles in the N.S.S.A and 5 titles in the E.S.A. I have also won the ESA Fl. State Championships 5 times. 

   I love to surf in contests and love teaching kids to as well. I have pretty much surfed my life away and I wouldn't change any of it."